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The Cisco Certified Networking Associate (CCNA): Routing and Switching course incorporates both theoretical and practical (LABS) aspects in preparation of the CCNA certification examination.

The pre-requisites for the CCNA course is an A+ and N+ certificate or IT Technician experience and basic Networking experience.

Learners need a computer, laptop or tablet and internet connection. Courses are designed in video with audio and coupled with mentoring. Courses are simulated, graphical, interactive and printable.

To register for the CCNA ICND1 & ICND2 course please click here.



Interconnecting Cisco Network Devices Part 1 (100-105)

CCENT: Overview of Networking
CCENT: Network Components, Topologies, and Architecture
CCENT: Network Cabling
CCENT: IPv4 Addressing Part 1
CCENT: IPv4 Addressing Part 2
CCENT: Subnetting Part 1
CCENT: Subnetting Part 2
CCENT: IPv6 Addressing
CCENT: Initial Device Configuration
CCENT: IPv4 Configuration
CCENT: IPv6 Configuration
CCENT: Troubleshooting Methodologies
CCENT: Overview of Cisco Devices
CCENT: Switching Functions
CCENT: Discovering Ethernet
CCENT: Troubleshooting Interfaces and Cables
CCENT: VLAN Configuration
CCENT: Interswitch Connectivity
CCENT: Discovery Protocols
CCENT: Discovery Protocols
CCENT: Port Security
CCENT: Functions of Routing
CCENT: InterVLAN Routing
CCENT: Static Routing
CCENT: RIPv2 Configuration
CCENT: DNS Configuration
CCENT: DHCP Configuration
CCENT: NTP Configuration
CCENT: Access Control Lists Part 1
CCENT: Access Control Lists Part 2
CCENT: NAT Configuration
CCENT: Device Management
CCENT: Device Hardening
CCENT: Subnetting Practice

Interconnecting Cisco Network Devices Part 2 (200-105)

ICND2 3.0: Implementing VLANs
ICND2 3.0: Trunking Overview
ICND2 3.0: Configuring Trunking
ICND2 3.0: Spanning Tree Overview
ICND2 3.0: Spanning Tree Configuration and Verification
ICND2 3.0: PortFast and BPDU guard
ICND2 3.0: Configuring EtherChannel
ICND2 3.0: Switch Aggregation and Threat Mitigation
ICND2 3.0: InterVLAN Routing
ICND2 3.0: Routing Protocols
ICND2 3.0: OSPFv2 Operations
ICND2 3.0: Configuring OSPFv2
ICND2 3.0: Configuring Multiarea OSPFv2
ICND2 3.0: Configuring and Verifying OSPFv3
ICND2 3.0: Implementing EIGRP
ICND2 3.0: Configuring and Verifying EIGRP
ICND2 3.0: Wide Area Networks Using PPP
ICND2 3.0: Wide Area Networks Using GRE and eBGP
ICND2 3.0: WAN Topologies and Connectivity
ICND2 3.0: Infrastructure Services
ICND2 3.0: QoS Overview
ICND2 3.0: Configuring ACLs
ICND2 3.0: SNMP Monitoring
ICND2 3.0: Device Monitoring, Management, and Programmability
ICND2 3.0: Troubleshooting Connectivity

Bundle price: R2 495.00 or R2 995.00 on terms deposit of R1 498.00 and 3 monthly instalments of R498.00.

International exams are written at any Pearson Vue Testing Centre in South Africa. Discounted international exam vouchers can be purchased through IT Academy.

How our courses work:

On enrolment we issue our learners with an username and password to access their courses for a 12 month subscription. At the end of each module you will be required to answer multiple choice questions, these marks are registered in our database. Should you obtain 70% and above you will receive IT Academy Course Mastery Certification by mail, at no additional cost.

International exams are written at any Pearson Vue Testing Centre in South Africa. CCNA international exam vouchers can be purchased through IT Academy.

Courses include:

Mobile ready (available on Tablet)
Courses are printable and downloadable
Advanced Instant Mentoring
e-mail Support
Free Cram Tests
Discounted international exam vouchers
12 months Subscription
IT Academy Course Mastery Certification

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