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JAVA SE 11 Programmer I - 1Z0-819

Java is a widely used programming language expressly designed for use in the distributed environment of the internet.

The Java SE 11 Developer course covers variables, objects, classes, arrays, inheritance to demonstrate a learners proficiency in Java.

Learners need a computer, laptop or tablet and internet connection. Courses are designed in video with audio and coupled with mentoring. Courses are simulated, graphical, interactive, printable and downloadable.

Estimated duration: 30 hours, therefore should you study 1 hour per day you could complete the course in 1 month.

To register for the Java SE 11 - 1Z0-819 course please click here.

JAVA SE 11 Programmer I - 1Z0-815

Java SE 11: Introduction to Java SE and the NetBeans IDE
Java SE 11: Variables and Operators
Java SE 11: Expressions, Arrays, and Loops
Java SE 11: Objects & Classes
Java SE 11: Encapsulation
Java SE 11: Strings and Primitive Data Types
Java SE 11: JDK Objects and Nested Loops
Java SE 11: Flow Control & Debugging
Java SE 11: Inheritance, Polymorphism, and Abstraction
Java SE 11: Inheritance, Lists, Inference, and Lambda Expressions
Java SE 11: Exception Handling
Java SE 11: Modular Design
Java SE 11: JShell

JAVA SE 11 Programmer II - 1Z0-816 course

Java SE 11: Fundamentals
Java SE 11: Arrays and Program Flow Control
Java SE 11: Object-oriented Programming in Java
Java SE 11: Fundamental language enhancements
Java SE 11: Core JVM enhancements and Features
Java SE 11: Core Java Libraries
Java SE 11: Class Concepts & Managing Exceptions
Java SE 11: Generics & Collections in Java
Java SE 11: Functional Programming in Java
Java SE 11: Streams & Pipelines
Java SE 11: Lambda Operations & Streams
Java SE 11: Implementing NIO.2
Java SE 11: Java Migration & Service Management
Java SE 11: Concurrency Management
Java SE 11: Secure Coding in Java SE 11 Applications
Java SE 11: Database Applications
Java SE 11: Localization in Java

Bundle price: R2 495.00 or on terms R2 995.00 with R1 498.00 deposit and 3 monthly instalments of R499.00.

International exams are written at any Pearson Vue Testing Centre in South Africa. Discounted international exam vouchers can be purchased through IT Academy.

How our courses work:
We issue learners with login details for a 12 month subscription, courses are designed in video with audio and coupled with unlimited advanced mentoring. Learners will be required to obtain 70% and above for their online assessment to obtain their IT Academy Course Mastery Certificate, assessments can be retaken at no additional cost.

Courses include:

Mobile ready (available on Tablet)
Courses are printable
Advanced Instant Mentoring
e-mail Support
Free Cram Tests
12 months Subscription
IT Academy Course Mastery Certification

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